My love for farming, gardening, and the outdoors began at a very young age. I grew up on the Sumas flats in Abbotsford, BC. I spent the majority of my days on friend’s farms, bike riding to the local ice cream parlour, and selling my mom’s fresh cut flowers roadside. We didn’t have a farm but this is where my dream of becoming a farmer began. I wanted this lifestyle for my
kids. Fast forward to my adulthood and I married the love of my life, Tyler. Soon, my dream would become his dream. We then started the search for the right property. We decided it had to be in Yarrow, Yarrow was very close to Sumas, yet had a small town feel and a great sense of community.

We found our dream property and began the long debate on how we would make a source of income on a small acreage. Me, being the dreamer had a long list of out of reach goals, Tyler grounded me and after a year of research he was onboard with what would become ‘Loveleigh Lavender’. Lavender is one of my favourite flowers and I knew that I could one day make essential oils and produce natural products that my family could use. I believed in it. That is all, I truly believe in it. After all who wouldn’t want a sea of purple in their backyard. I wanted a place people could escape the everyday rush and have a place to do a little day dreaming. So here we are three years later with a growing farm and a growing family. We have three beautiful, energetic, loving farm kids and a dog, Skye. Years of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears have brought us to where we are today…

Now I have my own roadside flower stand! It is not without our amazing family who has been beside us the entire way. We owe it all to them. Never accepting anything more than a plate of food or an ice cold beer… or two. Both sides of our family live within 15 minutes and are here whenever help is needed. We couldn’t have done it without them.

We now grow several different types of lavender; all of which serve a different purpose. We handcraft our own products and continue to grow as a farm. We have a passion for meeting new people and sharing our dreams with everyone we know and meet!